Goldilocks search for life as new British study claims 1 in 20 stars could have planets that might support life. They have designated any region which contains such planets as the “Goldilocks” region, according to Canadian National Post, p13, April 2, 2004.

Since the mid 1990’s astronomers have claimed to find 105 planets which cannot be seen through telescopes, but are claimed to be the cause of “star wobble” which can be detected through telescopes. Professor Barrie Jones of the Open University, told the Royal Astronomical Society “All we have discovered so far are Jupiter type planets which are not likely to harbour life. But we expect there to be smaller rocky worlds within the habitable zone, where the water would be liquid.”

Editorial Comment: Note again the hidden assumption life can come into existence wherever conditions are favourable. We continue to insist that life has come into existence only where the Creator put it! At this point perhaps a reminder that Goldilocks is a fairy tale, would be appropriate.

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