Great wall of galaxies “pushes the limits of existing cosmological theories” says a report in ScienceNOW 24 Oct 2003.

Astronomers involved in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, a project to map a quarter of the sky with telescopes at the Apache Point Observatory, New Mexico, have found the largest structure in the known universe. It is larger than a similar enormous ribbon of galaxies found in 1989, which was named the Great Wall. When that was found it was thought it was too large to have formed under influence of gravity, but computer simulations found it could form in some circumstances. The new Great Wall is an even less likely structure according to current theories, but Princeton University astrophysicist J Richard Gott commented, “It’s a bit larger than we thought, but not embarrassingly so.”

Editorial Comment: Astronomers may not be embarrassed by finding greater and more glorious structures as they see further into space. However, they will be more than embarrassed if they do not acknowledge the greatness of God the Creator who made the heavens to declare His glory. (Psalm 191-2)

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