Lack of sex killed dinosaurs according to David Miller (University of Leeds, UK) (Reuters 13 February 2003).

If dinosaurs were like modern-day crocodiles, turtles and some fish, their offspring changed sex based on the temperature at which their eggs were incubated. Miller’s analysis showed a temperature shift could theoretically have led to a preponderance of males. Other studies have shown that when there are too few females, eventually a population dies out. Dr Sherman Silber, an infertility expert in St Louis who worked on the study said: “The earth did not become so toxic that life died out 65 million years ago; the temperature just changed, and these great beasts had not evolved a genetic mechanism (like our Y chromosome) to cope with that. “

But as other evolutionists point out, crocodiles and turtles had already evolved at the time of the great extinction 65 million years ago so how did they survive? The researchers wrote present day crocs and turtles live at the intersection of aquatic and terrestrial environments, in estuarine waters and river beds, which might afford some protection against the more extreme effects of environmental change, hence giving them more time to adapt.

Editorial Comment: This is one of the best naturalistic theories on dinosaur extinction we’ve seen, so let’s just run with it for a while. After Noah’s flood winter and summer appeared on earth (Genesis 8:22), producing the temperature swings that could produce the sex imbalance in land dwelling dinosaurs. Add to that the fact that God had given man permission to hunt and to kill any animals that attacked man (Genesis 9:1-6) and most cultures have oral traditions of killing dragons which look surprisingly like dinosaurs, and guess what?

You can now dispense with the need for any one (man included) to evolve things like Y chromosomes to cope. Every present day observed gene pool survives environmental change, only if it already has the chromosomes it needs.

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