Long armed hobbits feature in an article on Homo floresiensis from news@nature which details evidence of nine H. floresiensis individuals found at Liang Bua throughout 2004.

The two jaw bones found are virtually identical even though their owners lived 3,000 years apart. “You can’t have a colony of microcephalics going through time,” says Brown. “That’s crazy.”

The new bones also turned up features that are not found in modern humans. In particular, both of the jaws unearthed lack a chin structure. Chins are a distinguishing feature of H. sapiens. The researchers also found arm bones from two individuals. “They are spectacularly long,” says Brown, adding that the limb proportions are reminiscent not of H. sapiens but of Lucy, the 3.2-million-year-old Australopithecus afarensis found in Ethiopia in 1974

Editorial Comment: Did you note the comment about their arms in today’s report? The hobbits never were small humans. At best they were some kind of chimp. There are many theories that disagree with everything the Bible says about man being made in God’s image – but the facts only support the differences you would expect that would result from man being created by God, distinct and unrelated to the chimps or any other creature.

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