Steve Jones on evolution again: In a lecture for the Royal Society 11 April 2006 Steve Jones claimed that fossils were the best evidence for evolution and went on to describe what he called a “fossil virus” – an HIV virus found in a preserved pathology specimen from an African who died in 1959. Since then a number of variations of the HIV virus have been found and Jones showed a diagram of how the different variants relate to one another and explained that some of the recently discovered variants of the virus do not mix their genes with each other and are therefore becoming different species. He asks: “And if that isn’t proof of descent with modification what is? I mean what more could you possibly want?”

Royal Society

Editorial Comment: Jones is doing no more than what Darwin and every evolutionist since has done, and it’s a point we are stressing more and more in our debates. The evolutionist’s modus operandi is to first “define evolution as change, then call all change evolution; next accept any change as proof of evolution and therefore dismiss creation as unthinkable.

In Jones case with HIV, notice he first defined evolution as change via “Genetics plus time”, then he stated his evidence with a most remarkable use of the word fossil by referring to Fossil HIV (version1) 1959 as an assumed ancestor of HIV (version6) 2006. Therefore descent with modification over 47 years from 1959-2006 is true.

Therefore Jones implies, Hydrogen gave people in 4.6 billion years, by chemicals naturally changing from minimal non-life information (hydrogen) to maximum life information (Human DNA). Therefore, life is the inevitable result of the natural properties of universe, and therefore “creationists are liars”, which is what he openly called John Mackay on BBC radio. John replied it was time everyone knew that Jones was not presenting evidence, but dressing up his atheism in scientific terms that were meant to fool most people into thinking he was using evidence.

To answer Jones’ question, “And if that isn’t proof of descent with modification what is? I mean what more could you possibly want?” Yes, HIV 1 giving HIV 6 is descent with modification, but it is not evolution. The variants of the virus are still HIV viruses, and all HIV variations that have been found over the last 50 or so years do not explain how the virus could have evolved from some other virus, let alone from simple organic molecules.

Evidence news 24 June 2006

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