Dark Nebula

Un-dark galaxy baffles scientists, according to reports in ScienceDaily and BBC News 28 March 2018, and ABC News and National Geographic 29 March 2018, and Nature, doi: 10.1038/nature25676, 29 March 2018.

Astronomers have been studying an unusually faint and diffuse galaxy named NGC1052-DF2. It is similar in size to the Milky Way galaxy but has far fewer stars. The researchers tracked the movement of 10 globular clusters of stars within the galaxy and used the measurements to calculate the mass of the galaxy.  They came to the conclusion that the entire mass of the galaxy is made up of “ordinary matter”, i.e. the stars that can be seen, and it does not contain any dark matter.  This has astronomers baffled because the prevailing theory of the universe is that galaxies have much more dark matter than ordinary matter.

Pieter van Dokkum of Yale University, who led the study explained: “Finding a galaxy without dark matter is unexpected because this invisible, mysterious substance is the most dominant aspect of galaxies.” He went on to say, “The idea is that dark matter is not just an object inside a galaxy but it helps form the galaxy.”  According to this theory dark matter in the early universe, just after the Big Bang, made hydrogen coalesce to form the first stars and galaxies.  Pieter van Dokkum, commented that dark matter “is the scaffolding on which galaxies are built”.  He went onto claim, “Not seeing it means that something else happened.”

One suggestion of “something else” has been put forward by Ken Freeman, an expert on dark matter and galaxy evolution at Australian National University. He suggests the galaxy is a “tidal dwarf” formed from matter that started in another galaxy.  According to Freeman “They basically don’t have any dark matter at all because it’s just ordinary matter that’s been ripped out of a galaxy.”  Freeman also commented to the ABC: “Dark matter is pretty much everywhere, but occasionally you do get galaxies that have been made by some other route.”

In spite of being baffled, scientists are claiming the galaxy is evidence that dark matter really does exist. According to van Dokkum, “by not detecting the dark matter, we actually prove it’s real.”

ABC, BBC, National Geographic, ScienceDaily

Editorial Comment: Did you notice their amazing logic – astronomers found a galaxy without dark matter, which is the ‘claimed’ proof that dark matter exists!  Yet the fact is dark matter has never been observed or recorded anywhere, which is why it is called dark.  It only exists in the darkened minds of cosmologists who are desperate to explain how the universe could form out of nothing, all by itself.

Van Dokkum is correct is commenting that “something else” must have happened. However, the suggestion that this un-dark galaxy is made of matter that started in another galaxy else simply shifts the problem instead of solving it. The real something else that did happen is God created out of nothing, the heavens and the earth, and the sun, moon and stars, and placed them where He wanted them in order to fulfil their stated purpose – to serve mankind for signs, times and seasons, as well as to declare the Creator’s glory.

Big Bang theistic evolutionists should be challenged by this new finding as much as atheists. Any who claim to be Christians but insist on promoting the Big Bang theory, along with its ever-evolving add-ons and modifications, need to be reminded that they cannot simply add God to a man-made theory, and still claim to be honouring God.  It doesn’t matter how many spectacular images they show, or how much they proclaim “The heavens declare the glory of God”, they are not honouring God unless they proclaim His word is true from the beginning.  God will not share His glory with any created object or man-made idea, and by replacing God the Creator with a “natural” phenomenon that supposedly created the universe the Big Bang theory is effectively an idol.

How sad it will be for those who have devoted themselves to a man-made theory all their careers, only to find on the coming Judgment day their life’s work has been useless to the Kingdom of Christ, and will be burned up at the Judgement. (See 1 Corinthians 3:10-15, 2 Corinthians 5:9-10)

Evidence News vol. 18, No. 3
11 April 2018
Creation Research Australia

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