Galaxy stuff missing, as reported in Science (AAAS) News and ScienceDaily 1 February 2018 and Science, doi: 10.1126/science.aao1858, 2 February 2018.

Large galaxies, such as our Milky Way galaxy have many dwarf galaxies orbiting around them. Astronomers have studied the dwarf galaxies around a large galaxy named Centaurus A and found they were orbiting in a flat plane, rather than a random sphere, and nearly all were rotating in the same direction.  This arrangement and movement of satellite galaxies has also been observed in the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies.

According to the standard model of how the universe formed these dwarf galaxies should be scattered in a random pattern and moving in a random fashion around their large galaxy. One of the researchers, Marcel Pawlowski of University of California Irvine, commented: “The significance of this finding is that it calls into question the validity of certain cosmological models and simulations as explanations for the distribution of host and satellite galaxies in the universe.”  He went on to say: “So this means that we are missing something.  Either the simulations lack some important ingredient, or the underlying model is wrong. This research may be seen as support for looking into alternative models.”

The Science Editor’s Summary stated the problem more bluntly: “This observational evidence suggests that something is wrong with standard cosmological simulations.”

Science, ScienceDaily

Editorial Comment: Remember the old joke about not letting facts get in the way of a good story.  The Science Editor’s Summary brings it to mind with his “something is wrong with standard cosmological simulations”.  He is correct, there is something wrong with current theories, and Pawlowski  is correct – scientists are “missing something”.

All astro-theories at present, including the popular Big Bang, are based on a man-made belief that deliberately ignores what the Creator of the universe said He did in the beginning. The universe did not begin with a bang that randomly scattered matter and energy.  God began with a word that deliberately made and placed both space and matter i.e. the heavens and earth. Four days later He created the sun, moon and stars to shine light on the earth, and to be signs used by mankind to mark times and seasons.

There was order and pattern in their arrangement from the beginning, and as we study them in more detail it should be no surprise that we find more of such order and pattern, which points to The Omnipotent Designer.

Evidence News vol. 18, No. 3
11 April 2018
Creation Research Australia

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