According to an article entitled “Geology Makes You Time-Literate”, published in Nautilus 13 September 2018, young earth creationists suffer from chronophobia – a fear of Deep Time, which is the belief that the earth is billions of years old, and rocks layers are formed by slow deposition over millions of years.

The author of the article, Marcia Bjornerud, a professor of geology, claims: “This ‘map’ of Deep Time represents one of the great intellectual achievements of humanity, arduously constructed by stratigraphers, palaeontologists, geochemists, and geochronologists from many cultures and faiths”.

She then launched a scathing attack on Bible believing Christians and the God of the Bible, and claims that geologists who want to believe in a creator are faced with a choice of “whether to accept the idea of (1) an ancient and complex Earth with epic tales to tell, set in motion eons ago by a benevolent creator, or (2) a young Earth fabricated only a few thousand years ago by a devious and deceitful creator who planted specious evidence of an old planet in every nook and cranny, from fossil beds to zircon crystals, in anticipation of our explorations and laboratory analyses”.


Editorial Comment: The geological time scale may have been “arduously constructed” but it is not the result of direct observations of either rock layers or fossils actually being formed. The “people of many faiths” who believe in the billions of years have certainly put their faith in the words of men, such as Darwin’s mentor Charles Lyell, who set out to ensure Moses and Moses’ God would be removed from science. It was people such as Lyell who claimed the choice is between science fact or religious fiction, rather than the real choice between those who were not there to observe, or the Creator God who was both there and actually made it happen.

So, let’s turn their word back on them – Marcia Bjornerud, along with all who claim that rocks and landforms are the result of millions of years of slow gradual processes, actually suffer from “veritaphobia”. We pick that word because they have not verified how long fossils, rock layers and rock formations actually take to form, and neither do they want to see any evidence to the contrary. “Veritaphobia” means fear of the truth.

At Creation Research we are doing real experiments with the formation of stalactites, and strata formation. Our experiments show clearly that stalactites and mineralisation of objects happens in a matter of weeks to months. Our experiments with buried bones and objects placed under dripping stalactites, including leaves that have simply blown in, show that mineralisation occurs within days. Our rock strata experiments show that rock layers, including horizontal layers and cross bedding, can be formed in a matter of minutes to hours by flowing water carrying sediments. Stalactite formation, fossilisation and strata formation are the result of the right processes, not time.

For more details of the experiments see our reports here: Stalactites (Reports 1-10), Strata Report 1, Report 2.

Creation Research Prayer News
24 October 2018

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