Stars Over Mountain

Caveman astronomy found, according to ScienceDaily 27 November 2018, and Athens Journal of History 2018, arXiv:1806.00046.

Scientists at Universities of Edinburgh and Kent have studied cave art in multiple sites in Europe and Turkey and concluded “they all display the same method for recording dates based on precession of the equinoxes, with animal symbols representing an ancient zodiac. The same constellations are used today in the West, although some of the zodiacal symbols are different.” The scientists also identified some paintings as records of meteor strikes.

Martin Sweatman, who led the study, commented: “Early cave art shows that people had advanced knowledge of the night sky within the last ice age. Intellectually, they were hardly any different to us today. These findings support a theory of multiple comet impacts over the course of human development, and will probably revolutionise how prehistoric populations are seen.”

ScienceDaily, arXiv

Editorial Comment:  It should be no surprise that the alleged cavemen knew astronomy and recorded their knowledge of it, when you consider that cavemen are not primitive dim-witted descendants of ape-like creatures.  Sweatman is correct – cavemen did have advanced knowledge and were hardly different from people today.  Cavemen in Europe were actually highly intelligent descendants of the people who left the Tower of Babel after building a tower “unto heaven”, i.e. a structure for ‘conquering’ the heavens, not to give God the glory but to make a name for themselves.  (Genesis 11:4)  The Bible record states clearly that the Lord God judged them by giving our ancestors different languages, but there is not the slightest hint that God took away their knowledge of the stars and other heavenly objects.  After the judgment at Babel they could no longer share their knowledge easily, but it did not cease to exist.

Such astronomical knowledge had begun back in Adam’s day after the Creator God had placed the sun moon and stars in the heavens to serve mankind for signs, times and seasons (Genesis 1:14). As people moved away from Babel and found themselves in harsh and difficult environments they had to make shelter for themselves as best they could, and record their knowledge and observations with whatever resources were available.  In chilly mountainous Europe caves were a good option for shelter, and cave walls provided suitable places for recording dates and events.  Other descendants of the Babel people, e.g. the aboriginals of Australia, have also recorded comet comings and star stories in their art after they arrived in their present locations post Babel.

Evidence New vol. 18 No. 18
12 December 2018
Creation Research Australia

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