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Human evolution in Israel, according to an article in Nature 14 February 2019 entitled “My hopes for Israel’s human evolution gallery” by Israel Hershkovitz.

Hershkovitz and colleagues have set up a permanent exhibition on human evolution at Steinhardt Museum of Natural History’s Dan David Center for Human Evolution and Biohistory Research at Tel Aviv University. Hershkovitz was heartened to see orthodox Jewish families visiting the museum, but deplores the lack of teaching of evolution in Israel’s schools.  He wrote: “Evolution by natural selection is rarely taught to students at public schools, let alone in the many religious schools. In a poll of Israeli adults run by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz last year, 37% said they don’t believe that humans and apes share a common ancestor. Even more disturbing: that percentage grows to 50% among those aged 18–24, highlighting the increasing hold of conservative religion on Israel’s youth.”

He particularly designed the exhibition for children and students, and describes his aim as: “The focus is on similarities rather than differences: we emphasize likenesses in bones across species, and explain that chimpanzees and humans are about 98.8% identical genetically and that modern humans were once part of a big family — but that all other hominin species are now extinct.”

The Nature article summaries Hershkovitz’s view as: “Understanding who we are and how we got here is essential to forging connections in an increasingly polarized society”.

Editorial Comment:  For a people who were both dammed and decimated by the world’s biggest social evolutionists in the Nazi party, Hershkovitz’s museum aim is both unbelievable and totally without credibility.

Hershkovitz is correct in claiming understanding our true identity and origin is essential for forging connections in society, but that will not happen as long as people think we are merely the fittest survivors from the upright apes who won the battle for existence while the others lost, died out, got killed, eaten, etc. The concept of only the fittest survive was a major reason Hitler so persecuted the Jews. After all, if survival of the fittest is where we came from, who can blame those who want to continue the struggle against whoever they consider to be their enemies.

The fact that Hershkovitz is concentrating on “similarities rather than differences,” shows his pre-existent anti-creation biased view of apes and humans, pretending to be science in order to promote his evolutionary ant-Jewish anti-Truth religion. If he wanted to teach truth, his display would illustrate that real differences between man and apes are far more significant than any similarities. See the question: APE-MAN? Man, apes and monkeys: what are the differences?  Answer here.

Human beings are not animals. Struggle and death did not get us here, and certainly will not bring forth a harmonious society.  Our true identity is that we are unique creations, made in the image of God. Don’t run from the fact that the ultimate reason for negative divisions in society is that we have rebelled against our Creator and we all have a problem called sin.  Thankfully, our Creator, who is Christ, had a plan to deal with the sin problem and brought it into effect by coming to earth as the man Jesus, who lived and travelled around much of the very land where Hershkovitz has his exhibition.  Jesus dealt the sin problem by taking the penalty in his death on the cross, and rose from the dead to bring new life to all who put their trust in him.

For more information see the question: HUMAN EVOLUTION? Does it create any problems for Christians who believe it? Answer here.

Evidence News vol.19 No. 2
20 February 2019
Creation Research Australia

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