Dinosaur Teeth

Dinosaur tooth story reported in The Star Calgary 11 October 2019, Science Daily 17 October 2019, and The Anatomical Record 9 September 2019 doi: 10.1002/ar.24241.

Palaeontologists have found a nearly complete skeleton of a small dinosaur named Saurornitholestes langstoni in the Dinosaur Provincial Park Formation in Alberta Canada. The dinosaur is described as “feathered carnivorous dinosaur within the dromaeosaurid family.” It is similar to Velociraptor, and is dated as 76 million years old.

Specimens of this dinosaur had been found in the past, but were incomplete and did not include the skull. The new specimen does include the skull and teeth. At the front of its jaw the researchers found it had a flat tooth with long ridges. They claim this tooth “may have been specialised for preening feathers.”

ScienceDaily, The Star

Editorial Comment: Note well! There are NO feathers on this fossil. (See photo of specimen on The Star link above) Therefore, any claim that this dinosaur tooth was for preening feathers is pure evolutionist imagination based on the totally unfounded belief that dinosaurs grew feathers and turned into birds.

Furthermore, living birds, which do have feathers, do not have teeth to preen their feathers, so there is no reason to claim any tooth is for preening feathers. Altogether, we can say this claim is an evolutionary tooth fairy tale and fake news

Evidence News vol. 19, No. 18
27 November 2019
Creation Research Australia