Cracked cosmology says we shouldn’t exist, according to an article in BBC Science Focus 16 January 2021, entitled “The cracks in cosmology: Why our Universe doesn’t add up”.

Science writer and former radio astronomer, Marcus Chown reports there are serious problems with the Big Bang theory. Chown writes “the basic Big Bang picture requires a few extra ingredients, because it conflicts with observations. First, and most seriously, it predicts that we should not exist”.

The extra ingredients that cosmologist have tried to add are dark matter, dark energy and inflation, none of which have been found. The article is summarised as: “In terms of our understanding of the Universe, some things just don’t add up. Which means either our measurements are wrong, or our theories are”.

Link: Science Focus

Editorial Comment: We agree – their theories are wrong! After decades of trying to prop up Big Bang theory with more and more improbable additions it’s about time cosmologists humbled themselves and admitted it doesn’t work. What they should do is submit to the word of the Creator who was there at the beginning of the universe and told us what He did.
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