Spiral Structure in Space

Bulging galaxy baffles scientists, according to ScienceDaily 11 February 2021 and Science 12 February 2021 doi: 10.1126/science.abc1893.

According to current astronomical theories, viewing objects a long way away in space is like looking back in time because we are seeing the light that left the object a long time ago.  Therefore, by studying objects that are a great distance away they should see them in their immature forms.  A team of scientists have used the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope to view a galaxy named ALESS 073.1, believed to have formed 1.2 billion years after the Big Bang.  Using current estimates of the age of the universe they estimated this galaxy formed when the universe was only 10 percent its current age, so this galaxy should be seen in a very immature state. 

According to the ScienceDaily article: “early galaxies are generally thought to be chaotic and turbulent rather than having regular, well-organized structures like spiral arms.”  However, this galaxy shows signs of having spiral arms as well as a central bulge – two features claimed to be characteristics only of mature galaxies.  Federico Lelli, of Cardiff University’s School of Physics and Astronomy commented: “… this galaxy looks like a grown adult, but it should be just a little child.”  He went on to say: “A galaxy like ALESS 073.1 just defies our understanding of galaxy formation.” 

The research team concluded their report: “This implies that the formation of massive galaxies and their central bulges must be a fast and efficient process.”

Link: ScienceDaily

Editorial Comment:  Time to concede it’s not the evidence which contradicts the Biblical account. The formation of galaxies was a fast and efficient process – done by the end of the fourth day!  As the Psalmist wrote “God spoke and it was.” (Psalm 33:8)

Making things usually is a fast and efficient process when there is someone clever and powerful on the job. The all-knowing, all-powerful Creator God had no problem creating millions of stars, galaxies and other outer space objects in just one day.

Creation Research News 25 February 2021

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