Editorial by John Mackay

With all the ruckus in the Middle East try your hand at the test below as The Creation Guy, John Mackay, and the world-wide Creation Research team share both blessings and difficulties in this 19th May email.


Question: Which nation did God promise He would make great?
Answer: The descendants of Ishmael – the founder of the Arabs (Genesis 21:18)

Question: What is the only nation in the world that can claim God-given land rights?
Answer: The descendants of Israel, aka Jacob, grandson of Abraham via Isaac. (Genesis 15:18-21, 26:1-5 and 35:9-12)

Question:  What is the basic cause of the conflict in the Middle East?
Answer: A man listened to his wife instead of listening to God. Read about Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 16.

Question: What caused Abraham to ignore God’s promise to give him and Sarah a son?
Answer: Abraham’s Sin

Multiple Choice Question: What is the solution to conflict in the Middle East?
Take the oil wealth off the Arabs?
Send more American smart weapons to Israel?
Get all Christians to support Israel?
None of the above?

Only Answer
: It certainly was none of the above which don’t deal with the basic problem of sin that afflicts both Arabs and Jews. As you pray for the peace of Jerusalem, show real love when you share with both Arabs and Jews that their only hope lies in Jesus Christ, who alone can provide forgiveness of their sin. And remember there are Christians in both nations (Arab and Jew) who are doing it tough at present and need your support.

As you do so, remind your friends and enemies that the Creator God has kept His promise to both groups of Abraham’s descendants. The Arabs are certainly great nations actually enriched by the wealth of oil purchased by the rest of the world, and the Jews are certainly tenacious about their God-given land rights, all of which points to another of God’s promises – Christ will be returning as Lord and Judge of all the earth so make sure you are ready!

P.S. The Middle East situation is a good illustration of the scriptural principle that the origin of something always determines the meaning, so beware any who skip Genesis in order to “preach the Gospel”. It can’t be done!

Editorial by John Mackay
Creation Research News 19 May 2021

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