Notable Quotable from Tim Flannery who is an anti-God evolutionary palaeontologist, and was Australian of the Year in 2007.

“Natural Selection, Darwin understood from his studies, is an unspeakably cruel and amoral process. He came to realise that he must eventually tell the world that we are spawned not from godly love, but evolutionary barbarity.”

Tim Flannery, Here on Earth – An Argument for Hope, Text Publishing Company, Melbourne, 2010, p4,Chapter 1: “Evolution’s Motive Force”.

Editorial Comment: Tim Flannery and Charles Darwin both understand that evolution is a process of death, disease and struggle – the very opposite of God creating a very good world.  Therefore, it is no surprise that Darwin and followers such as Tim Flannery have abandoned belief in a good God. See our article Descent of a Man PDF here.

Creation Research News 5 July 2023

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