Seagrass re-evolves, according to articles in 27 January 2016 and 1 February 2016, and Nature doi: 10.1038/nature16548, published online 27 January 2016. Scientists have sequenced the genome of seagrass named Zostera marina, otherwise known as eelgrass. This is not an algal seaweed. It is an angiosperm (seed bearing) plant, like a land dwelling grass. Angiosperms are believed to have evolved on land, with seagrasses returning to the sea later on in the evolutionary timetable.

According to the researchers, the transition from land grass to sea grass has resulted in loss of genes for the formation of stomata (breathing holes), UV protection and far-red light sensing molecules. They also claim: “Uniquely, Z. marina has re-evolved new combinations of structural traits related to the cell wall”. This means that the cell walls of eelgrass are more like those of seaweed, which land plants are believed to have originally evolved from. Jeanine Olsen of University of Groningen, the Netherlands, who led the study, commented: “They have re-engineered themselves”.


Editorial Comment: Let’s consider what they actually found, not the story they are telling about it. They didn’t find genes for breathing holes, sun protection and far-red light senses, but they did find genes to make cell walls like other plants that grow in the sea. The only evidence that genes were lost is the belief that seagrasses have evolved from land grasses.

Never forget that believing that genes for cell wall substances re-evolved is pure blind faith. Putting a land grass in the sea will never produce new genes, as the land plant will die first. Try it and ‘sea’. The most logical conclusion is that this plant was designed to live in the sea, so it does not have genes for characteristics that are needed on land, e.g. stomata, UV protection, but does have genes for characteristics useful for living in the sea.

Confession time for Cox and Dawkins, etc. etc. – your evolutionary explanations are ridiculous. Time to give the Creator Christ the glory due to his name. (Ref. genomics, genetics, marine biology)

Evidence News vol. 16 No. 12
22 June 2016
Creation Research Australia