Why do atheists focus their attack primarily on the Christian God?

Former atheist blogger, Darrin Rasberry, wrote in his comparison of world religions:
“After considering Deism (the belief in a God who abandons His Creation), Islam, Hinduism (yes, Krishna, don’t laugh), Baha’i, and even Jainism briefly, I have decided to select Christianity due to its superior model for human evil and its reconciliation, coupled with the belief that God interacted with man directly and face-to-face and had *the* crucial role in this reconciliation. This, of course, doesn’t prove that Christianity is absolutely true (although I can prove that God exists), but rather reflects my recognition that Christianity is exactly what I would expect to be the case given that God exists”.
Quoted in: http://www.examiner.com/article/why-atheists-focus-their-disbelief-primarily-on-the-christian-god

Evidence News vol. 16 No. 10
8 June 2016
Creation Research Australia