Media furore over creationist Christian journalist, as reported in BBC News 9 February 2016, Telegraph 11 February 2016, Guardian 14 February 2016 and Premier Christianity February 2016. Sports journalist Dan Walker has been appointed by the BBC as a presenter on the BBC One Breakfast programme. This appointment provoked a stream of criticism from other media sources because Dan Walker is a Christian who believes in creation, and has negotiated with the BBC not to have to work on Sundays. The Telegraph ran an article entitled “Dan Walker’s creationism is an affront to reason, science and logic” with a subtitle “The BBC has done nothing to explain how someone who believes in the literal truth of Genesis can present the news accurately”.

But as David Robertson, writing for Premier Christianity writes, “Why would the BBC have anything to explain at all? Presenters are there to present the news”.

BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, Premier Christianity

Editorial Comment: David Robertson’s common-sense comment is correct. Presenters present the news, whatever the news happens to be. It seems no-one complained when Dan Walker presented a programme on football. Dan has worked for the BBC and other media outlets for many years, and has a proven track record as a journalist in sport and current affairs.

The real problem for the writers in the Telegraph, Guardian and other sceptical media, is they don’t want to see Christians doing a high profile professional job and spoiling their straw men picture of Christian creationists as ignorant bigots who should be kept out of public life. (Ref. sceptics, media, discrimination)

Evidence News vol. 16, No. 3
17 February 2016
Creation Research Australia