Stroke of anger at prayer for Dawkins, after the UK’s Richard Dawkins suffered a stroke on the 5th February, according to a report in BBC News 14 February 2016 and Anglican Communion News Service 15 February 2016. After hearing that prominent atheist Richard Dawkins had suffered a minor stroke, the Church of England tweeted “Prayers for Prof Dawkins and his family”. This caused a row on Twitter, with some accusing the church of “trolling” Dawkins.

However, Arun Arora, the director of communications for the Church of England commented that Jesus tells us to pray for our enemies, and Arora went on to say, “I wish Professor Dawkins well. I hope he makes a swift and full recovery and wish him the best of health. I will pray for him too. It is the very least I can do”.

Dawkins himself said: “I’m very grateful to everybody who has been sending me good wishes from all around the world”

Anglican News, BBC

Editorial Comment: Arora is right – Christ does instruct us to pray for our enemies. See Matthew 5:43-48. Therefore, we also encourage you to pray for Richard Dawkins that his illness and the response of Christians and atheists will open his eyes to the truth – there is a God, who is Jesus, who does love him, but will hold him accountable for the evil abuse he has heaped on the Creator God and His people and will judge him. (Ref. sceptics, media)

Evidence News vol. 16, No. 3
17 February 2016
Creation Research Australia