Twenty country survey by BBC on climate control shows support declines, according to BBC News 27 November 2015. A survey conducted by GlobalScan for the BBC has revealed an overall decline in public support for strong government controls aimed at climate change, compared with a survey in 2009 prior to the Copenhagen climate meeting. The poll surveyed a thousand people in each of 20 countries, including UK, Canada, USA and Australia, along with some European, Asian and African countries.

According to the BBC, “Just under half of all those surveyed viewed climate change as a ‘very serious’ problem this year, compared with 63% in 2009”. Four countries showed a majority support for strong government action: Spain, France, Canada and UK, but majorities were narrow: 57, 54, 53 and 52 percent respectively, and only in Spain did this represent an increase in support. In France, Canada and UK, along with 12 other countries, support declined.

The BBC reports: “All told an average of 42% of those polled want their government to play a leadership role in setting ambitious targets, while another 41% want their government to take a more moderate approach and support only gradual action”.

Lionel Bellier, from GlobeScan, commented: “The public are less concerned about climate change, and when you put that in the context of the climate conference in Paris, the findings show less support for an ambitious and binding agreement at a global level than there was ahead of COP15 in 2009 in Copenhagen”.

Link: BBC

Editorial Comment: So it seems people are smart enough to know that “ambitious and binding agreements at a global level” really means more taxes, more rules and regulations, and loss of national sovereignty, none of which will stop any storms, droughts, or floods. Such things are controlled by much larger forces than the UN can muster, and a much higher Authority than any of the presidents and prime ministers meeting in Paris.

Need it to rain? Humble yourself before the Great Creator God and you will be amazed what He can do to or with the climate. (Ref. weather, laws, international treaties)

Evidence News vol. 15, No. 23
2 December 2015
Creation Research Australia