Oldest sea scorpions found according to ScienceShots 31 August 2015, ScienceDaily 1 September 2015 and BMC Evolutionary Biology, 2015; doi: 10.1186/s12862-015-0443-9. Geologists with the Iowa Geological Survey, and Iowa and Yale Universities have found a large number of fossils of a new species of eurypterid – a type of sea scorpion. Eurypterids now seem to be extinct, but are believed by evolutionists to be ancestors of arthropods such as spiders, lobsters, and ticks.

The specimens are a mix of adults and juveniles, and the scientists estimate the adults were approximately 1.7 meters (5.6 feet) long.

The fossils were found in the fossil bed in a meteorite crater by the Upper Iowa River in northeastern Iowa, and are dated as 467-million-years old. This makes these eurypterids the oldest ever found. According to James Lamsdell of Yale University, who led the study of the fossils, “This shows that eurypterids evolved some 10 million years earlier than we thought, and the relationship of the new animal to other eurypterids shows that they must have been very diverse during this early time of their evolution, even though they are very rare in the fossil record”.

The research team concluded: “Eurypterids either underwent an explosive radiation soon after their origination, or earlier representatives, perhaps Cambrian in age, remain to be discovered”.

ScienceDaily, Science Shots

Editorial Comment: What these fossils really show is that no matter how far back in evolutionary time evolutionists want to go, they only ever find fully formed sea scorpions that are clearly identifiable as eurypterids. They never find some half-evolved creatures that could be something else.

Their two proposed explanations for this do not explain anything. “Explosive radiation” is a term for evolution that happened so fast in the past that we missed it because it left no trace of the changing process. The other explanation that they evolved in the Cambrian age, but we haven’t discovered this yet, is actually baseless wishful thinking.

Either way, the evolutionists’ beliefs are based on faith without evidence. Far better to put you faith in the record that the actual evidence fits, i.e. Genesis, which tell us that all creatures were created in a fully functional state, and they have reproduced after their kind until they became extinct, or are still living now.

Furthermore, there is no evidence any eurypterids evolved into spiders, lobsters or ticks. The evidence for that is undeniable: whenever we find fossils of spiders, lobsters and ticks, they are fully formed spiders, lobsters and ticks. (Ref. arthropods, giants, extinction)

Evidence News vol. 15, No. 16
16 September 2015
Creation Research Australia