Ancient Britons underestimated according to the BBC News 19 August 2015. Archaeologists are revising their view of the first people who lived in Britain. It had been assumed that the first inhabitants of Britain were hunter-gatherers who were “simple folk, living a brutal hand-to-mouth existence”. However, recent archaeological finds indicate the first people to live in Britain were an “adaptable, culturally rich, and sophisticated people”.

One of the sites is Blick Mead in Wiltshire, not far from Stonehenge. According to the BBC “The quantities of flint tools and animal bones, especially from extinct wild cattle known as aurochs, point to people living here for long periods of time and there being long-term special memories and associations with the place”.

Recent evidence of wheat found in a now submerged site off the south coast also fits with this revised view of ancient British society. The scientists who found the wheat suggest the ancient Britons were trading with people in Europe via a land bridge that linked Britain and mainland Europe.


Editorial Comment: Come on you evolutionists admit it! This picture of intelligent, adaptable people living in a culturally rich society, and trading with other similar people, is exactly what you would expect from the Biblical history of mankind. Humans were created as fully intelligent creative beings, who were instructed by God to make use of the resources of the earth. Therefore, they could always plant and build, make and use tools, look after animals, and when necessary, hunt animals, and trade with one another, as described in Genesis 1-11.

There is good evidence that most ancient people were highly intelligent and, if anything, we have lost brain power, not gained it. Evidence for this is seen in Cro-magnon Man and Neanderthal Man, who lived in Europe after the Tower of Babel. Both groups had larger brains than our modern day average. They only lived in caves and used stone tools because that was all that was available in the harsh conditions of post-Babel Europe.

The real history of the human race is from Adam downwards, not from ape upwards. (Ref. anthropology, Britain, archaeology, culture, intelligence)

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