“The age of the universe is one of astronomy’s great debates. Estimates range between 8 and 20 billion years. Although no consensus exists, the age of 15 billion years used in this article is consistent with most theories, give or take 2 billion years.”
The Once and Future Universe, National Geographic, June 1983, p708.

Editorial Comment: This editor is old enough to remember when these figures first appeared and what impact they made on me … for good! As a science student I had observed that whenever estimates differed by 12 billion years, they were not, and are not, even meaningful guesstimates. The 15 billion figure? It really came from committee compromise and today the figure is 13.7 billion. So much for peer review eh?

For real problems with the latest guesstimates see the question:
Big Bang: When did it happen in relation to earth’s history? Could it possibly have happened? Answer here.

Evidence News vol. 15, No. 14
12 August 2015
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