Chimps understand cooking, according to reports in ABC News in Science and BBC News 3 June 2015, and Proceedings of the Royal Society B doi:10.1098/rspb.2015.0229. Felix Warneken of Harvard University and Alexandra Rosati of Yale University have carried out a series of experiments they claim show that chimpanzees can understand the concept of cooking food before they eat it.

They first tried the chimps with a choice of raw or cooked sweet potato, and found the chimps greatly preferred the cooked version. They then showed the chimps a fake “cooking device” consisting of a plastic box that had an inner compartment where the scientists had placed a piece of cooked food. They showed this to chimps, along with a piece of raw food, which they then placed in the box, shook it up and then took out the cooked food and offered it to chimp. They also did the same thing with different containers, but did not exchange the raw food for cooked food. The chimps quickly learned which container “transformed” the food, and given a choice of two containers without knowing the contents chose the container that apparently cooked the food.

The chimps were then given pieces of raw food at a part of their enclosure 4 metres (13ft) away from the containers they had previously seen. Normally chimps, like any other animal, will start eating food as soon as they find it. However, some of the chimps took the raw food over to a container to have it “cooked” as in the first experiment.

The researchers concluded their results “indicate that several of the fundamental psychological abilities necessary to engage in cooking may have been shared with the last common ancestor of apes and humans, predating the control of fire.”


Editorial Comment: These experiments have only shown that biased researchers are smart enough to cook the evidence when they want to, and chimpanzees are smart enough to learn how to get the food they prefer. If that means chimps have to put a less tasty piece of food into a container they will do it. Chimps are not stupid, but they are not human beings, and do not have the brainpower, manually dexterity or social skills needed to gather food, light and control a fire, then cook and serve the food. The scientists did admit that chimps had these limitations, so you wonder why they bothered doing this experiment. It never ceases to amaze us what lengths people will go to in order to prop up the theory that apes turned into people. (Ref. apes, evolution, learning, intelligence)

Evidence News vol. 15, No. 9
10 June 2015
Creation Research Australia