Cosmic inflation deflated, according to report in BBC News 30 January 2015. According the BBC, “Scientists who claimed last year to have found a pattern in the sky left by the super-rapid expansion of space just fractions of a second after the Big Bang were mistaken. The signal had been confounded by light emission from dust in our own galaxy”. The report goes on to say: “This is not the end of the matter. Other experiments are still chasing the B-mode signal (the pattern) using a variety of detector technologies and telescopes”.


Editorial Comment: Wow! Another so called proof of the Big Bang theory has officially bitten the dust, and atheists are once more left with a foolish theory that claims nothing became something that expanded into everything. And theologians who link Genesis to the Big Bang have been caught out yet again.

Remember, doubts about this B-mode signal pattern being evidence for early universe inflation were expressed very soon after it was announced. See our report “A Wallop for the Big Bang” here.

Nevertheless, there may be some scientists who are breathing a sigh of relief since a group of British scientists who tried to combine inflation theory with Higgs boson and concluded that the universe shouldn’t exist. See “Higgs plus Inflation equals Non-existence” here. Yet we are still here, not because of any Big Bang, but because the Creator of the universe, Jesus Christ, upholds the universe by the same word of his power that He used to bring it into existence. (Hebrews 1:3) (Ref. cosmology, astronomy, physics)

Evidence News vol. 15, No. 2
25 February 2015
Creation Research Australia