Our cometary predictions after the discovery of organic molecules on a comet reported in Nature News and BBC News 18 November 2014. Nature News reported: “Shortly after touchdown, organic molecules were detected in samples of the comet’s surface, courtesy of COSAC, the Cometary Sampling and Composition experiment. It is designed to probe for such molecules and test whether their handedness, or chirality, matches with chemical signatures on Earth”.

The BBC commented: “It has not been disclosed which molecules have been found, or how complex they are. But the results are likely to provide insights into the possible role of comets in contributing some of the chemical building blocks to the primordial mix from which life evolved on the early Earth”.

BBC, Nature News

Editorial Comment: Finding organic molecules on a comet is no surprise – they have been previously found on meteorites that have landed on earth. However, the organic molecules have been a mixture of right and left handed forms, and are therefore useless for making living cells, since the standard organic chemical signature for living cells on earth is 100% left handed amino acids mixed with 100% right handed sugars. Anything less than 100% proves to be useless for life.

Therefore, we predict the comet’s organic molecules will turn out to be mixtures of left and right handed structures and be no more help to the origin of life than the meteorite molecules have been. The only known methods of producing 100% left or right handed molecules involve deliberate manipulation by intelligent scientists, and that is because life is the result of creative design by God the Creator and not by naturalistic chemical reactions which these scientist are wasting millions of your tax dollars pursuing. (Ref. chirality, enantiomers, chemistry, astrobiology)

Evidence News vol. 14 No. 20
19 November 2014
Creation Research Australia