Nursery school creationists banned according to BBC News 8 August 2014. British kindergartens and nursery schools will lose their funding if they teach creation. Following a letter-writing campaign by the British Humanist Association, Nicky Morgan, the Secretary of State for Education in the UK, announced that nursery schools would lose their funding if they taught creation as fact. This is part of a move to teach “British values” in schools at all levels. She stated: “I am clear that public money should not be used to support any school or early-years provider that does not support this aim because it seeks to promote ideas and teachings that run counter to fundamental British values”. According to the BBC: “Early-years children will be taught about learning right from wrong, learning to take turns and share, and to challenge negative attitudes and stereotypes”.


Editorial Comment: So Nicky, and the education authorities, just how will you and all those anti-creationists decide what is right and wrong for the two-year-olds and their parents? Nicky Morgan has recently appointed a leading homosexual activist as a personal advisor, so be prepared for more promotion of homosexuality in schools, with threats of loss of funding for those who refuse to comply. Where do Nicky Morgan and other politicians think “fundamental British values” came from? Historically all British laws have been based on God’s law, as laid down in the Bible, and all are based on Christ as the Creator. Nicky … it is time to wise up … if we evolved by chance there are no rights and wrongs, or values, just survival and self-promotion by whatever means you can use. Perhaps it is also time for the relevant politicians to be sacked or voted out! (Ref. politics, philosophy, world view)

Evidence News vol. 14 No. 14
21 August 2014
Creation Research Australia