Record high for sea ice, according to an article in Daily Mail 6 July 2014 by Andrew Mountford. The decrease in sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has been highly publicised and used as evidence of catastrophic global warming. Meanwhile, down in the Southern Ocean the sea ice around Antarctica has actually been increasing, such that, according to Andrew Moutford, “across the globe, there are about one million square kilometres more sea ice than 35 years ago, which is when satellite measurements began”. Mountford went on to say: “We have only a few decades of data, and in climate terms this is probably too short to demonstrate that either the Antarctic increase or the Arctic decrease is anything other than natural variability”.

Daily Mail

Editorial Comment: Mountford is correct about the length of time we have had the kind of data needed to calculate the extent of the sea ice around the polar regions and about the extent of the ice. Satellite data only goes back to 1979.

Furthermore, this data is publicly available from the Sea Ice Index website of the National Snow and Ice Data Centre. On checking the maps and graphs for the beginning of July 2014 we found that the sea ice extent for Antarctica was over 16 million sq km.For the statistically minded the area of ice has been over two standard deviations higher than the average ice area for the previous three months. The graph of the trend in ice area for the past 30 years reveals an overall increase of 1.7% per decade.

This leads us to ask the question: why hasn’t increasing ice in Antarctica received the same publicity as the decreasing ice in the Arctic Ocean, especially as there is more ice around Antarctica than there is in the Arctic ocean? The only answer we can suggest is the absolute prejudice visible in this debate from the global warming fanatics.

Mountford is also correct in pointing out that three decades of data may not be significant in the long term, and may simply be part of ongoing natural cycles. We may not have had satellite data for very long, but we do have historical records of changes in ice on land and sea from farmers, travellers and seafarers that show there has been much change through the centuries in climate. All of which are fulfilments of the prophecy given to Noah after the Flood that until the end of the world there would be regular patterns and cycles, including cold and heat. (Genesis 8:22).

This has also been true for sea levels as well. For pictures by this editor taken in July 2014 weeks back on a field trip in New Zealand, showing an old raised beach up to 100m above current level and for pictures of other higher sea level sites around the globe we have visited click here. (Ref. climate, weather)

Evidence News vol. 14, No. 13
23 July 2014
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