Elephants Lose Tusks “By Evolution”

Elephants lose tusks “by evolution” claim media reports. During the civil war in Mozambique (1977-1992) ivory poachers killed elephants and sold the tusks to finance their war. During this time the population of elephants declined drastically. The elephant population is now making a comeback, but with a change – more female elephants are lacking tusks. […]

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Homo sapiens Skull

Oldest Homo sapiens Fossils

Oldest Homo sapiens fossils found, according to reports in BBC News and Nature News 7 June 2017, ScienceDaily 8 June 2017, and Nature, 2017; 546 (7657): 289 doi: 10.1038/nature22336 8 June 2017. An international team of scientists has found a collection of fossil human bones, along with stone tools and fossils of mammals and reptiles […]

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Seven Million Year Old Chad Skull

Seven million year old chad skull intrigues anthropologists according to reports in Nature Science Update 11 Jul 2002 and Nature, vol 418, p145, 11 Jul 2002. Michael Brunet of the University of Poitiers, France has found a skull with a chimp sized braincase, brow ridges like a gorilla, but smaller canines and thicker tooth enamel […]

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