Dingo Species Dispute

Dingo species dispute reported in ABC News 7 March 2019 and Zootaxa 5 March 2019, doi: 10.11646/zootaxa.4564.1.6. A group of researchers has carried out an extensive study of the Australian wild dog, known as the dingo, and claim it should be classified as a separate species of dog with the name Canis dingo, rather than […]

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Short Dog Leg Gene

Short dog leg gene found, according to articles in National Institutes of Health News 16 July 2009 and ScienceDaily 17 July 2009 and Science, vol. 325, p995, 21 August 2009 (originally published in Science Express on 16 July 2009). An international team of scientists have found the gene that gives dog breeds such as dachshund, […]

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Six Wolves

At least six wolves were the ancestors of all modern dogs, claimed Dr Deborah Lynch at the March 13th, 2004 American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting. The Grey Asian wolf is the most likely culprit and the descending modern dogs can be grouped into 10 basic types from “sight hounds” (greyhounds) to “toy […]

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