10-Armed Octopus Ancestor?

Palaeontologists at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and Yale University have studied the fossil of soft-bodied creature with 10 arms and claim to have found the oldest known vampyropod – the group of animals that includes octopuses and vampire squids. The fossil was found in the Bear Gulch Lagerstätte of Montana, USA, a […]

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Walking Octopus

Walking octopus inspires flexible robots reported BBC News, 7 June 2005. Two species of octopus have recently surprised scientists by walking on two “legs” on the sea floor. The behaviour in both cases was considered to be a means of avoiding predators, as it enables the animal to move quicker than it can crawl with […]

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Fossil Octopuses

Fossil octopuses found, according to reports in Eurekalert, 17 Mar 2009 and Live Science 18 May 2009. Living octopuses have soft bodies and when they die they rapidly decay into structureless blobs if they are not first eaten by scavengers. Therefore, “the preservation of an octopus as a fossil is about as unlikely as finding […]

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