Why Crocodiles Haven’t Evolved

Why crocodiles haven’t evolved, according to University of Bristol press release and ScienceDaily 7 January 2021, and Communications Biology, 7 January 2021 doi: 10.1038/s42003-020-01561-5. Living crocodiles are very similar to fossil crocodiles found in Jurassic rocks dated at over 200 million years old. There are only 25 species living today, but in the past there […]

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Alligators Use Buoyancy Tanks

Alligators use buoyancy tanks, according to an article in EurekAlert 13 March 2008 and ScienceNOW 14 March 2008. Alligators draw air into their lung using rib muscles and a large muscle called the diaphragmaticus which runs lengthways along its body cavity connecting the pelvis to the liver and lungs. T. J. Uriona of Utah noted […]

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