Horsshoe Crabs

Horseshoe Crab Brains Haven’t Changed

Horseshoe crab brains haven’t changed, according to a report in Science Alert 28 July 2021, Natural History Museum (NHM) Science News 5 August 2021, and Geology, doi: 10.1130/G49193.1, published online 26 July 2021. An international group of scientists from Australia, UK and USA have studied an “exceptionally preserved” fossil horseshoe crab named Euproops danae, found […]

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Hairy Crab

Hairy crab found, according to reports in BBC News, and news@nature and ScienceNOW 8 March 2006. A crab that looks like a “cross between a gorilla and a lobster” has been found living near a hydrothermal vent at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean 1,500km (900miles) south of Easter Island. The white crab is 15cm […]

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Hundred Million Years of Fossil Sex

A hundred million years of fossil sex revealed, according to BBC News 18 June 2009. A new technique for examining the internal structure of fossils has enabled scientists to examine the reproductive organs of ostracods (tiny shellfish) fossils from the Santana Formation in Brazil. The fossils were embedded in rocks that also contained well preserved […]

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