Giant Wombat Skull

The fossil of a giant wombat skull has been found in a Central Queensland cave. The fossil has been classified as Ramsayia magna, a species previously known from isolated teeth and jaw fragments. Researchers estimate the wombat was the size of a “really large sheep” and weighed around 130kg. Modern day wombats can grow to […]

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Turtle swimming

Biggest Giant Turtle

Biggest giant turtle found, according to reports in Science (AAAS) News and ScienceDaily 12 February 2020, and Science Advances 12 February 2020, doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aay4593.  Palaeontologists in South America have studied fossilised shells and jaws of a huge extinct turtle with the splendid name Stupendemys geographicus.  The largest shell is 2.4 metres (7.9ft) long, making it […]

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Snake Sea

Giant Snake Swam Sahara Seaway

Giant snake swam Sahara seaway, according to reports in a Press Release from American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in Eurekalert and PhysOrg 8 July 2019, Gizmodo 8 July 2019 and Bulletin of American Museum of Natural History No. 436. 28 June 2019. An international team of scientists have conducted a survey of rock layers […]

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New Zealand Fossil Giants

New Zealand fossil giants and present day Aussie pygmies are related according to research reported in BBC News 4 January 2005. Scientists from Oxford (UK) and Canterbury (NZ) Universities have extracted DNA from an extinct giant eagle, known as Haast’s eagle that once dominated the skies of New Zealand and compared with DNA of living […]

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