Galapagos Finches

Galapagos Finches Speciate

Galapagos finches speciate, according to reports in BBC News and ScienceDaily 24 November 2017, and Science doi: 10.1126/science.aao4593, 23 November 2017. A group of scientists from Sweden and USA claim to have observed a new species of finch evolve on the Galapagos Island of Daphne Major. In 1981 a male Large Cactus Finch Geospiza conirostris […]

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Butterflies, Lizards Evolution in Action

“Evolution in Action” claims New Scientist, 23 December 2006, p13. In a review of 2006’s most significant scientific discoveries, New Scientist claims that “evolutionary biologists were treated to not one but several glimpses of evolution in action right before their eyes.” One of the examples given is change in leg length of lizards on a […]

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