Mahogany Seeds

Oldest Mahogany

Oldest mahogany found, according to ScienceDaily and University of Kansas News 15 April 2020, and American Journal of Botany 5 January 2020 doi: 10.1002/ajb2.1416.  Brian Atkinson of University of Kansa has studied a fossilised fruit found in a rock collected on Shelter Point on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, and identified it as belonging to […]

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Rising Seas Will Drown Mangroves

Rising seas will drown mangroves, claim Australian scientists in a report in ABC News 1 July 2019. Scientists at Charles Darwin University in the Northern Territory of Australia are studying mangrove swamps to assess the effect of climate change and rising sea levels. According to Madeline Goddard, one of the researchers, “Across the world the […]

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Dinosaur Dined on Cycad Seeds

Dinosaur dined on cycad seeds, according to articles in Earth Archives 20 February 2017 and Scientific Reports doi:10.1038/srep42778, published online 16 February 2017. A team of scientists from Argentina, Spain and Portugal have studied the fossil of a dinosaur found in the Los Molles Formation, in Argentina, dated as middle Jurassic (Approx. 170 million years […]

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