Whale Shark

Seaweed Eating Shark Surprise

The whale shark is the world’s biggest fish, growing up to 18 metres (59ft) long, but it is not a fierce predator.  It is a filter feeder that cruises the ocean scooping up krill and small fish.  Scientists at Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) studying the diet of whale sharks living around Ningaloo Reef […]

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Croc Fruit Eaters

Croc fruit eaters, according to New Scientist 30 July 2013 and Journal of Zoology, 16 July 2013, doi: 10.1111/jzo.12052. Thomas Rainwater of the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Charleston, South Carolina, and colleagues have carried out a study of the diets of alligators living in the Florida Everglades and found they included many types […]

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