“Earth’s starter mix may have been sloppier than anticipated”, according to a report in Nature Science Update 8 March 2002.

Japanese scientists have studied the chemical composition of minerals believed to make up the lower mantle of the earth and found they contained enough water to fill the earth’s oceans five times over. The lower mantle is layer between 650 and 2,900km below the earth’s surface. Geologists believe there are also several oceans worth of water in the transition zone between the lower and upper mantle.

Editorial Comment: These finding are consistent with the Apostle Peter’s words that the earth was formed out of water and with water. Peter was referring to the first three days of Creation as described in Genesis 11-11, where God made the earth covered in water, separated it into waters above and below and then separated dry ground from the sea. This scientific study also helps those who are troubled by whether there is enough water on earth to have caused the worldwide Noah’s flood and fits well with Peter’s words that God also judged the earth by breaking open the fountains of the deep and deluging the earth with a worldwide flood. (2 Peter 3:5,6)

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