At 107 years of age, Australia’s last surviving soldier from the western front of World War 1 died June 24th 2005. Mr Casselly was also believed to be Australia’s oldest male reported The Sydney Morning Herald June 25 – 26, 2005, p1. His family believed he could have lived longer if he had not fallen out of his bed last week. Casselly’s main claim to fame was the longevity of his marriage – he and his wife Monica had been married for 80 years and 10 months when she died at 102 years old last year. “The passing time never changed the loveliness of my wife for me. She remained a beautiful blessing throughout our long marriage,” he had said.

Editorial Comment: Our present society conceives 107 years as a long time, largely due to a sad ignorance of Biblical history which includes people such as Methuselah who is recorded as living for 969 years. This lack of knowledge is one result of people’s acceptance of the evolutionary framework of history, in which life has progressed from non-living, to short-lived single celled creatures, to animals which lived for a few years, to man who averages only 70 to 80 years lifespan, to the future with people trusting scientists to find ways to extend man’s lifespan, so we can live forever. One of the best evidence the Biblical history of Creation, Fall and Flood is correct, is the fact that nobody wants to die. But scientists who dream they will find a way to give man internal life will be sadly deluded. We do not die because of physical aging. We die because death is the penalty for a moral problem called sin. The only way out, is for the penalty to be paid. The good news is that the Creator Jesus Christ’s death on a Roman cross at Calvary did pay this penalty. All who accept by faith Christ’s death as payment for their sin, do receive eternal life – not on this planet, but in the new heaven’s and the new earth. (See Revelation 21-22)

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