Angolan giant found, according to articles in PhysOrg and Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences vol. 83, p221 16 March 2011.

An international team of palaeontologists have studied the bones of the first dinosaur to be found in Angola. Octavio Mateus of Portugal’s Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Museum of Lourinha found the fossil in 2005. The bones are a partial right forelimb including the scapula, humerus, ulna, radius and metacarpals (toe bones) of a sauropod. Sauropods were a group of large plant eating dinosaurs that were the largest land animals ever to live on earth. The new fossil has been given the scientific name Angolatitan adamastor, meaning “Angolan giant” and is named after Adamastor – a mythical South Atlantic sea monster feared by Portuguese sailors.

The dinosaur has been dated as 90 million years old on the basis of fish, shark teeth and ammonites found buried with it. The researchers suggest it had been washed out to sea and eaten by sharks.


Editorial Comment: Here is another example of a dinosaur found buried amongst sea creatures. It would take a flood of catastrophic proportions to sweep a Titanosaur sized creature out to sea. The reference to a sea monster in the dinosaur’s name reminds us there are numerous sea monster stories around the world. Just like dragon stories about land creatures, sea monster stories could have a basis in reality. The Bible describes a large sea monster called Leviathan, which does not fit any living sea creature, but would fit some semi-aquatic dinosaurs.

Evidence News 1 June 2011

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