Anglican clergy challenge sex-change marriages, as reported in BBC News 29 February 2004. A new law in Britain enables transsexuals to marry and obligates all marriage registrars to accept their applications for marriage. In England all Anglican clergy are legal marriage registrars. The law does allow clergy to refuse to carry out such ceremonies themselves on the basis of conscience, but does not prevent their church buildings being used by others for this purpose. Some Anglican clergy are objecting to their churches being used for such marriage ceremonies on the basis that surgery does not create a change of gender, and they see the law as a step to legalising same sex marriages. 


Editorial Comment: At least some Anglican clergy know some biology as well as the Bible. There is no such thing as a “sex change”. Sex is determined at conception, before any body organs are formed, by the genes a person inherited from his or her parents. Every cell in the body identifies a person as a male or female. Removing certain external sex organs later in life makes absolutely no difference to a person’s genes. In the beginning God made humans as male and female therefore to pretend to be anything else is to rebel against one’s Creator, as well as to deny the biological facts.

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