A sceptic’s testimony reported in New Scientist 4 Feb 2006, p54.

Physics professor Bob Park writes an Internet column named “What’s New” where he criticises such topics as “cold fusion, intelligent design and alien abduction” and gives advice on how to tell real science from pseudoscience. In an interview for New Scientist he was asked, “When did you become a sceptic?” His reply was: “It was when I was about 12. I was going to a youth group within the Methodist church, which had hired a pastor to work with the teenagers. I had a couple of problems with biblical accounts, including Genesis, that clearly could not be taken as literal truth. I chatted to the pastor and explained my concerns. Instead of debating with me, he said: ‘You can go to hell as quickly for doubting as you can for stealing.’ That violated everything I felt.”

Editorial Comment:  What a tragedy that this pastor was not “ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you” (I Peter 3:15) and prepared to defend the Scriptures and help this young man search for real answers. Over many years Creation Research has seen many young people reject Christ because they are convinced that the Bible is wrong about the past, and therefore cannot be trusted to give them a future hope.

However, we have seen just as many who when we have shown them there are real answers in both God’s Word, and in His world, they are prepared to listen to the claims of the Creator Christ on their lives and trust him as Saviour. It shouldn’t surprise us – Jesus said “If you don’t believe what Moses wrote – how can you believe what I say!” John 5:46-47.

Evidence News 12th April 2006

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