“70’s women’s lib got it wrong” proclaims New Scientist, 5 Oct 2002, p20.

The headline continues “marriage makes both sexes happy”. 1970’s feminists claimed sociological studies showed that marriage was good for men but bad for women. However, a recent Australian study on stress levels in married and unmarried people showed that both married men and women had fewer stress indicators than unmarried people. This reinforces previous studies showing people who live alone suffer more heart attacks and other illnesses, and have poorer recovery rates. (See New Scientist, 20 Feb 1999, p23)

Editorial Comment: It was God who first said it was not good for man to be alone, and God who invented marriage when He created the first man and woman and declared everything to then be very good. Therefore all attempts by feminists, homosexuals and other anti-Christian groups to dispose of marriage or re-define it cannot bring happiness to human beings. So unless God has called you to be single – it’s best to go looking for a partner (Matthew 19).

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