Kaikora Coast

Earthquake lifts NZ coast by metres, according to report in Geonet NZ 21 November 2016.

Geologists have surveyed the coastline near the site of the Kaikoura Earthquake in New Zealand. They mapped the coastline from Conway River to Cape Campbell and took measurements of coastal uplift and report: “Our records measured the tide gauge at Kaikoura was lifted up by 1m, and continuous GPS monitoring sites at Kaikoura and Cape Campbell were also raised by 0.7-0.9m. At this stage we can estimate that the coast was raised between 0.5m and 2m from about 20km south of Kaikoura all the way north to Cape Campbell. Scientists plan to find out more about this coastal uplift”.

One small localised block pushed up between two arms of the Papatea Fault at Waipapa Bay was raised by a massive 5.5m (18 feet).

This is not the first time major land uplifts have happened in NZ. According to Geonet NZ, “in 1931 the M7.8 Hawkes Bay earthquake raised land around Napier by 1-2m above sea level. Land that used to be estuary now provides space for Napier airport. In 1855 the M8.2 Wairarapa earthquake raised much of Wellington by 1-2m”. There is also evidence of raised beaches in Kaikoura Peninsula, Wairarapa coast, Cape Kidnappers, Mahia Peninsula, north of Gisborne and East Cape.

Geonet NZ

Editorial Comment: This is a good reminder that coastlines are never fixed, and in our earthquake ridden world land masses are rising and falling all the time. All of which means the level of where sea meets land is also always changing. Usually the changes are not as drastic as has occurred in NZ, but we need to keep it in mind when the global warming lobby groups want to scare people about sea level changes. So far they have not managed to blame earthquakes on man-made technology, and so far we show no sign of being able to predict or control them.

For those who want a real and tough love Biblical view remember the Creator God is able to predict and to do something about earthquakes, so the challenge this makes is for all of us to put our faith in our Maker and Judge who can and does send earthquakes.

Evidence News vol. 16, No.22
24 November 2016
Creation Research Australia

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