‘New armoured dinosaur named for museum professor’ by Taylor &Francis, as they admit this newly discovered dinosaur was buried on the Isle of Wight when “the Isle of Wight would have had a climate similar to that of the Mediterranean and was a flood plain covered by a large meandering river system. Floods would have washed organic material such as plants, logs and even dinosaur bodies together and, as waters receded, this organic matter would have been isolated in ponds on the floodplain that eventually dried out and were buried in the clay soil, preserving this organic material as the fossils we find today.”

Reference: PhysOrg 15 June 2023

Editorial Comment: John Mackay and Joseph Hubbard have many times visited this area to investigate the flood deposited trees and bone deposits which are everywhere on the Isle of Wight.

Creation Research New 21 June 2023

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