Austrlopithecus sediba

Another ape-man “may be ousted from the human family”, according to Science News 23 April 2017.

In 2010 a “remarkably complete” skeleton of Australopithecus sediba found in Malapa, South Africa, dated as 1.98 million years old, was proclaimed as “best candidate” for a direct human ancestor. Palaeoanthropologists Bill Kimbel of Arizona State University and Yoel Rak of Tel Aviv University in Israel have now carried out a detailed study of the most complete A. sediba skull and concluded it was not a human ancestor, but much more like the South African Australopithecine A. africanus, a species that lived in South Africa 3 million to 2.3 million years ago, and considered to be an extinct sideline on the human family tree.


Editorial Comment: We agree this not a human ancestor, but neither is any Australopithecine, including the most famous of all – Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis). As we have said many times, Australopithecines were just extinct apes that never had any connection with humans.

Evidence News vol. 17 No. 7
3 May 2017
Creation Research Australia

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