Giant vertical fossil trees found on Alaskan Creation Research field trip. The ‘polystrate’ petrified trees were found during reconnaissance around the Sutton area by Randy Comer and John Mackay. The largest tree had a width of 6ft – 7ft exposed, implying a total circumference of up to 30ft. The trees varied in vertical height from (1m to 10m) 3ft to 30ft. One excavated at the base had no root or stump base at all, proving it did not grow there, but was dumped as part of a flood deposit. Even the smallest trees went through many varied fossil layers of leaves and some small shells. Neither the large trees or the majority of fossil leaf types grow in Alaska today. Even the fossil Horse Tail rushes found in the rocks surrounding the trees were 10 to 20 times larger than the tiny 1/3m (1ft) high present day Alaskan Horse Tail rushes.

Editorial Comment: None of the above discoveries helps the theory of evolution. They all support rapid and catastrophic burial, and the facts that in the time since those deposits formed, all creatures represented have reproduced their own kind, many have diminished in size and some have become extinct Рa pattern in total support of the Biblical picture of a perfect creation going from good to bad to worse with mans continued rebellion against the Creator.

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