Hobbit wrist bones confirm creation research prediction. A study of the wrist bones of Homo floresiensis, otherwise known as “the Hobbit” was reported in BBC News Online 20 September 2007, ABC News in Science and Science vol 317, p1743, 21 September 2007.

Since the bones of this creature were found on the Indonesian island of Flores there has been a fierce debate about whether it was a new species of human being or a diseased modern human. Some creationists have joined the side of “diseased human” proponents.

A group of American and Australian scientists have now studied three wrist bones, named trapezoid, captitate and scaphoid. The researchers compared the H. floresiensis bones with human wrist bones and those of three apes, gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans. The Hobbit wrist bones are all more like ape bones than human bones. The researchers claim this means that H. floresiensis is a new species of human that evolved separately from “a hominin ancestor that migrated out of Africa” before the evolution of present day humans.

Editorial Comment: In March 2005 we wrote that the H. foresiensis “head and body proportions seem to most closely resemble the Australopithecines, which are a group of extinct apes. The most famous and well studied Australopithecine is a partial skeleton know as ‘Lucy’. The more this skeleton has been studied, the more ape-like it is found to be. We suspect the same will happen with H. floresiensis.” (see Floresiensis Fight Comes to a Head here.)

Later that year another study of the bones was published in Nature, 13 October 2005 that described a number of other Hobbit bones. We wrote the following: “If we put the information from these new studies together with the previous studies of Homo floresiensis we can summarise them as follows: This creature has the brain size of a chimpanzee, a jaw like a ‘southern ape’, arms like a gibbon or a monkey, legs like a chimpanzee or orangutan, body proportions of a ‘southern ape,’ body mass like a chimpanzee and a brain-to-body proportions of the chimpanzee or ‘southern ape’. Is there any alternative to the conclusion that the creature was an ape? Therefore, it is inexcusable that it continues to be classified as ‘Homo’ by evolutionists and creationists!” (see More Hobbit Bones Found here)

The wrist bone study, with yet another feature in common with the Australopithecines, simply confirms our prediction that H. floresiensis is an extinct ape. As the “diseased human” vs “new human” battle continues, over these bones Creation Research can stand on the sidelines of the battle and say (humbly of course) “you are both wrong and we were right.” In this case the Biblical Creation based belief that there has only ever been one family of mankind has been a better basis for science than evolution.

Evidence News 31 October 2007

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