Jurassic shrimp lives, according to a report in New Scientist News 10 December 2006 and ABC (Australia) News in Science, 11 Dec 2006.

Researchers carrying out a census of marine life have turned up a shrimp that was believed to have been extinct for 50 million years. The creature, named Neoglyphea neocaledonia, was found alive and well living in the Coral Sea near Australia.

The researchers have also found many previously unknown species of sea creatures. Fred Grassle, chair of the project’s scientific steering committee, commented to New Scientist: “Each expedition reveals new marvels of the ocean – and with the return of each vessel it is increasingly clear that many more discoveries await marine explorers for years to come.”

New Scientist, ABC

Editorial Comment: The living “Jurassic shrimp” was recognised because it looked the same as the fossil shrimp found in Jurassic rocks. So it can be added to the ever growing list of living fossils. No matter how old you believe Jurassic rocks are, this find shows that shrimps have reproduced after their kind since these rocks were deposited. Not a comforting evidence for evolutionists, but consistent with the tenfold Genesis statement that they were created to do this.

As the scientists involved in this project find more new and wondrous things living in the sea, they should be reminded of Psalm 107:23-24, “Others went out on the sea in ships. They saw the works of the LORD, his wonderful deeds in the deep” and give honour and praise the Creator.

Evidence News 9 February 2007

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