Jurassic Shrimp Lives

Jurassic shrimp lives, according to a report in New Scientist News 10 December 2006 and ABC (Australia) News in Science, 11 Dec 2006. Researchers carrying out a census of marine life have turned up a shrimp that was believed to have been extinct for 50 million years. The creature, named Neoglyphea neocaledonia, was found alive […]

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Harvestmen Haven’t Changed

Harvestmen haven’t changed according to an article in BBC News 18 May 2005. Jason Dunlop and colleagues from the Museum fur Naturkunde, Germany have found a “100 million-year-old arachnid, which looked like it might have died last year” preserved in amber. It is a harvestman, a spider-like creature with a small body and long thin […]

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Ginkgo Leaf & Fossil

Gingko a Non-Evolver

Gingko a non-evolver, according to a report in ScienceDaily 4 July 2017. Scientists from Lund University have developed a method of analysing the organic molecules in fossil leaves and comparing their biomolecules to those of modern leaves and determine their affinities to one another. It seems fossil ginkgoes are biochemically similar to modern ginkgoes. ScienceDaily […]

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Lantern Fruit

Living Fossil Fruit

Living fossil fruit found, as reported in BBC News, Science (AAAS) News and ScienceDaily 5 January 2017, and Science, doi:10.1126/science.aag2737, 6 January 2017. Lantern fruit are member of the genus Phytalis and include tomatillos and ground cherries. They are named “lanterns” because their berries are surrounded by a papery calyx, very like cape gooseberries. Researchers […]

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